W10m reward offered for information leading to fugitive on the run for third dayBreaking silence over drug allegations, GSamsung family members selling W2.6 trillion worth of shares to cover inheritance taxesYoon regards illegal stock short selling serious 'malady': presidential officeCentral Asia, S. Korea pledge to strengthen youth cooperation[Today’s KN. Korea steps up criticism against military cooperation among S. Korea. US, JapanN. Korea steps up criticism against military cooperation among S. Korea. US, JapanStock market soars as short selling ban takes effectSK Bioscience ramps up global cooperation to improve public health [Herald Interview] Hyundai Motor takes step FM holds back Exports of passenger cars up 16 pct in Q3 on eco Gov't to complete vaccination of cattle by Nov. 10 to prevent spread of lumpy skin disease 尹 “연금안 맹탕? 근거·합의 없이 숫자로만 결론 낼 수 없다” Man booked for possession of machete ahead of Halloween ‘Cenozoic Life’ to open 49th Seoul Independent Film Festival [Herald Interview] Chung Ji Hyundai Rotem debuts world's 1st LTE Plush bag charms in high demand among young Korean women [Busan Is Ready] S. Korea to expand ODA initiatives to promote Busan Expo Hybe artists could be returning to MBC Retail sales up 9.5 pct in Sept. on strong online demand Korean doctors see income surge amid intensifying physician shortage Israel presses ground campaign against Hamas in 'second stage' of Gaza war 신원식 “나도 육군이지만, 합참의장은 해군 시켜야” Most top earners live in or near Seoul: data CJ’s Korean Posco faces first [Korea Beyond Korea] Historian looks back at life dedicated to Korean studies